Open Access

Open Access

CEJISS is committed to Open Access ensuring that all our services remain free. Open Access is the practice of providing unrestricted access via the Internet to peer-reviewed scholarly research. It is most commonly applied to scholarly journal articles, but it is also increasingly being provided to theses, scholarly monographs, book chapters, and entire books.


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CEJISS is published four times a year with production deadlines in March, June, September, November. 

Authors and readers are not required to register on the website to read and access published articles. This policy ensures allowing for the broadest re-use of published material possible. 

For the detailed copyrights information regarding submitted article, please refer to the Submissions page. All of the articles published on the website are covered by the CC BY-NC 3.0 licence. Everyone is entitled to republish the contents of the website with a proper attribution. 

CEJISS does not charge any fees for authors to publish in the journal, promote article or index it in the scientific databases, nor does it charge fees for readers to access published articles. CEJISS services are completely free of charge. 

All of the articles published by CEJISS are backed up electronically via our own servers. All articles are also electronically available in the indexing databases (please see the list above). 

CEJISS ensures that the articles which are published in the journal are of highest quality. The administrative staff employes review process which ensures that plagiarism and citation manipulation does not enter the publication. 

CEJISS publishes the broadest possible array of contributions which fits its research areas. Potential conflict of interests of editors, authors, and reviewers are managed by our internal regulations that ensure that reviewer does not have conflicting research interests with the article he/she reviews. The journal is running a double blind peer review process which excludes the possibility of a manuscript being identified as linked to any specific author and rejected on the ground of any sort of discrimination.  

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CEJISS is regularly supplied in hard copy to major libraries.

2021 - Volume 15 Issue 1

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